musical group

Fly By Night Rounders
Abby, Vaden, or Chris

The Fly By Night Rounders have a focus is on bringing back old music styles and art forms. The band plays music ranging from the early 19th century Pre-war to more current selections, bringing their own dynamic twist to jug band, blues, and honkey tonk classics. The Fly By Night Rounders keep the music of the past alive and mixes in some unique remastering of classic tunes. The Fly By Night Rounders hold a talent and love for this American style of music that can be clearly seen during any of their performances. The Fly By Night Rounders Play dirty blues, heavy rhythm, dancin’ songs, and still keep within them the spirit of the gospel. The band also shows off its talent by showcasing some of Vaden and Chris’ own original songs, and topping it off with hot stops, breaks, and solos.

The band began by busking on the streets of Asheville and their following has continued to grow. You can find them within some of the biggest venues in Asheville, regional festivals and gatherings, weddings and private events, and of course, right on the sidewalk. Strong advocates for free speech, the band enjoys the intimacy of playing music right on the street. The Fly By Night Rounders have a unique sound and bring an unforgettable show. This band will make you get up and dance, as well as teach you a little history about the music. Word around town is the Fly By Night Rounders are ‘dirty enough for the bars, and clean enough to take home to mama.’

Rook Wetzel

We sing acappella Doowop