Busker Information


ASHEVILLE BUSKING GUIDE | a collaboration of the City of Asheville and the Asheville Buskers Collective.

Things to know if you are a busker:

The Asheville Buskers Collective has worked hard to make busking a sustainable part of life in Asheville. Here is our guide to the local etiquette. If you have any questions or want to share your experience of busking in Asheville, contact the collective at: contact@avlbuskers.com and visit avlbuskers.com

  1. We take two hour turns. Two hours from when you first set up, not from when someone’s waiting on you. This gives everyone a chance to share peak times. If you want to busk all day, be prepared to change locations. Be prepared to wait your turn.
  2. Watch your crowd size! Make sure folks can get by and that they aren’t spilling into the street. Be especially mindful of crosswalks. You must leave 6 feet of sidewalk space for pedestrians to go by.
  3. Keep your amps turned down, and drum kits baffled. You’re working with other performers and businesses nearby, be reasonable and play only to “your area.” If your volume prevents others from performing nearby, you’re too loud.
  4. Introduce yourself to the businesses you’re performing near and to other buskers on the street. Getting to know your busking neighbors creates a great musical community!
  5. Keep your footprint small. Bring only the equipment you require to perform. Leave your spot cleaner than you found it.
  6. The most common complaints received are groups that are too loud, play repetitive songs, and won’t listen to requests to turn down. During the day, be mindful of office workers. At night, be mindful of residents.
  7. Asheville loves it’s buskers! Remember that you represent not just yourself, but all buskers in Asheville. Leave everyone with a good memory. Have fun, and be a good neighbor!