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You will frequently run into street music and performance art throughout Asheville.  There are human statues, magicians, mimes, music, and more.

Here are a few simple tips to help enhance your experience with the buskers in Asheville.

 1.  Street performers in Asheville are not paid by any city organization or private business.

2.  If you like what you hear or see, make sure to stop and enjoy it! However, please be mindful to not block entrances to businesses, and to keep sidewalks clear so that folks do not have to stand in the street.

3.  Do not touch the performers, or their equipment, unless asked to participate by the performer.

4.  It is customary to tip for photos and videos.

5.  Do not be afraid to speak with your favorite performers, but make sure they are finished with their performance.

6.  Almost all performers also book parties and other types gigs.  Hire a street performer for your next extravagant engagement.

Want to know more about Asheville busking?

ASHEVILLE BUSKING GUIDE | a collaboration of the City of Asheville and the Asheville Buskers Collective.